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Support ISRAELI artists by buying their art on SALE!

Your chance to support Israeli artists during this pandemic!
Top 30 best landscape photographs of ISRAEL - all taken by top Israeli artists\photographers.
Most rare and super unique photography which is NOT available elsewhere! 
High quality digital image files, print ready, for you to use in any way you wish - from large prints to wallpaper on your phone/PC, or any other creative way you wish to enjoy them! Also great as a gift!

The problem:

The problem:

Did you know that the Pandemic hit many Israeli artists (and art-based businesses) very hard since tourism to Israel stopped all together early 2020?

     As tourism to the Holy Land has been basically non-existent for almost 2 years now, walking through the Old City in Jerusalem, you will find many small businesses and art shops closed down. Artists are not looking for donations, they are looking to be able to work and sell their art.  

The Solution!

We've built this virtual art gallery in order to offer a unique and unusual photography bundle (a collection of 30 photos) which are NOT available elsewhere on the internet. While unique photography (printed and framed) will usually be sold in Israeli galleries anywhere between 500 and 1,000 USD, buying similar (perhaps less unique) photos online can be as cheap as $100-$200 per photo (click for example), and even lower if you are only looking for something basic and simple.

We, instead, are offering a bundle of 30 amazing HQ unique photos for a ridiculously low amount as a way for you to support Israeli artists!!

These are rare, unique and unusual photographs that are like no other (some of which are award-winning)!

These are superb! Now I have a daily reminder to pray for Israel!
Elizabeth Rose
Manchester, UK
As an art and photography collector, I'm very Impressed By the Quality! It's even sweeter that's it is all from Israel, which I love so much!
Steven S.
Birmingham, AL (USA)
It was very hard for me to choose which of the photos to put on my living room wall, as I love them all so much. I ended up printing 12 of them! haha!
Dania Tric
New jersey, USA

What are we offering for sale?

A bundle of 30 unique photographs from Jerusalem and Israel,
valued at 5,000 USD, are for sale for a ridiculously low amount! 
 OVER 97% OFF!!! 

 This is an opportunity for you to support Israeli artists during this pandemic! These are high-definition, high-resolution, digital image files easily printable (for personal, non-commercial use) in any form and format at any of your neighborhood superstore (such as Walmart or Target)!  

What is in the bundle?

A collection of 30 high quality, unique and rare photos of Israel, including photos from:
- Jerusalem (City of David, Mount of Olives, Western Wall, etc).
- Tel-Aviv & Ancient Jaffa.
- Ancient Caesarea.
Mediterranean (coastal line).
- Ancient Acre
- The Dead Sea
- The Sea of Galilee
- Mount Carmel & Haifa.
- Castle Nimrod.
- Judaean Desert & Judean Hills.
- Masada.
- More...

This beautiful photography bundle is a great opportunity for you to support Israel in a practical way by helping artists get back on their feet again during these difficult pandemic times! 

What are the 30 Israel photos in the bundle?

These are high-definition, high-resolution, digital images easily printable (for personal use) in any form and format at any of your neighborhood superstore (such as Walmart or Target)!

Below is a low-quality low-resolution PREVIEW of the 30 photos:

Frequently asked questions


These amazing and unique photos were all taken by Israeli artists\photographers, and they will greatly benefit from your purchase.



At the moment, as this is a new initiative, we only offer these photography bundle. However, if this initiative will pick up, we look forward to adding more art-related items in the future, such as Music!



The 30 digital image files comes with a license to print up to 3 copies (of each photograph) for personal (non-commercial) use. However, you may upgrade to a commercial license (more expensive) when you check out.  

THANK YOU for supporting Israeli artists!!!

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